Safeguarding the future of our wildife

                         NEW RULES ON FISH REMOVAL

  The environment Agency have introduced new bylaws that restrict what fish ( coarse fish and eel ) you can catch and remove by rod and line.

The word remove means to take permanently from a fishery.It includes the use of caught fish for live or dead bait.You can still keep fish in a keepnet or keepsack before returning them to the water. Make sure your net or sack is the legal size. See www.environment-agency.gov.uk/fish for details.

If you fish without permission and don't comply with their rules you risk  prosecution under the theft act 1968

    The byelaw applies to:

 Common Bream - Barbel - Chub - Common Carp - Perch - Pike - Roach -  Dace Crucian -Carp-Rudd - Tench - Silver Bream - Smelt.

                        ---       You can still take:

 . Unlisted tiddler species - such as gudgeon:

 . Non native species - such as Zander

 . Ornamental varieties of native species such as ghost or Koi Carp.

 The bylaws also apply to some natural lakes:

 .Windermere, Coniston Water, Ullswater and Derwent Water ( all in Cumbria )

 . All the waters in the Norfolk and Suffolk  Broads that are subject to the coarse fish close season, Llyn Tegid ( Bala Lake ) and Llyn Maelog in Wales.


  You may only remove fish with the written permission of the owner or club. This is normally a day ticket or pemit. on which the fishery rules are often printed. These rules normally state the numbers and types of fish you can remove. If in doubt ask the owner.

 If you take fish without permission you are now committing an offence under the new bylaws. You risk a substantial fine. And you still risk procecution under the theft act 1968.

If there is no obvious owner to ask for permission you are not allowed to remove any fish.

  The following canal are actually rivers:

 Ayre & Calder Navigation-between Castleford Weir and Ferrybridge Lock

 Stoudwater and Thames Canal

 Fossdyke Canal

 Kennett & Avon Canal-downstream of where it merges with the river Kennett at Kintbury.

 Lee Navigation-upstream of Aquaduct Lock.

 If you are fishing on one of these canals follow the rules for rivers.


 European eel stocks are at a worringly low levels, The numbers of young eels returning to European rivers has fallen by more the 95%. And they are still falling. We are reducing net fishing where necessary, as well as other threats to eel stocks. Angling can also pose a risk, so it is now illegal to remove or kill any Eel by any means unless you are licensed by the EA to do so. The Eel is now classed in Europe as a critically endangered species.


              These fish are covered by other bylaws-

 Not everyone removing fish will be breaking the law. Most anglers who take fish from stillwaters will be doing so with the owners permission. It is still legal to take some fish from rivers. But do call us if you think that someone is committing an offence-by taking more or different fish than they should.

    We would like you to tell us all you can about

 . What is happening

 . The methods being used

 . Wether it is happening at the moment

 .Where precisely it is happening

 . What laws are being broken

 . what fish are being taken and how many

 . The people involved- how many, their appearance and what theyr'e driving

 . Whether this happens regularly at this location.

 Dont worry if you don't have all this information. Just tell us what you can. We can then decide the best way of dealing with the problem.

 We cannot attend all incidents but your reports help us to identify where there is a serious problem or a pattern of regular offending.

 If you report an incident we will normally let you know what happens.

                  To report a problem please ring


     ENVIROMENT AGENCY INCIDENT HOTLINE  0800-80-70-60 or dial 101  

                               ( FREE PHONE 24 HOUR)










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