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                                                                        Butterflies you may see in the Fens

Small Tortoiseshell ( nymphalis urticae)

Wingspan 4.2-4.5cm  Flight period March - October, Laval food plant Nettle. Widespead Common.

Gatekeeper ( maniola tithonius )

Wingspan 4.0 cm  Flight period July - August  Laval food plant- meadow grasses. Widesread and Common.

Peacock ( nymphalis io )

Wingspan 6cm, Flight period July - September ,Laval food plant Nettle. Widesread and Common.

Red Admiral ( vanessa atalanta )

Wingspan 6cm, Flight period May - October, Larval food plant  Nettle, Common arrives from Europe in early spring to breed.

Small Skipper ( thymelicus sylvestris )

Wingspan 2.5 cm. Flight period May - September. Larval food plant, various species of grasses.  Common but absent from Cumbria, Scotland and Ireland.

Humingbird Hawk Moth.

This moth flew into our conservatory,very difficult to photograph in flight  Mimics a Humingbird. See image below for flight picture.

This image courtessy of the internet.




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