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 Here in the uk we have very strict laws that are aimed at protecting and preserving our wildlife. Most of us abide by these laws and fully enjoy what our wildlife has to offer. Sadly there are a few groups and individuals in the uk that have a total disreguard for these laws and are seriously damaging the eco-system in the Fens and other parts of the country. Swans and other wild birds are being taken for food. Pike, tench, bream, eels, carp etc are also being targeted as food for the table and in some cases cooked on the river bank. Gill nets, set lines ( lines with baited muliple hooks) and other barbaric methods are being used to trap and kill our wildlife. Swans are being enticed to take floating bread that contain large hooks, only to be drag ashore and killed for food. This a country wide problem and unfortunately the authorities can't be every where and need the help of the public to put and end these appauling practises. 


                                                What can we do in the Fens

 If you are out in the countryside maybe walking the dog, jogging, fishing, bird watching etc keep an eye open for anything that seems unusual. If you think that someone or a group are taking fish, killing birds or other wildlife don't ignore it report the incident to the enviroment agency and your local police wildlife officer immediatley. The quicker you do the the quicker the authorities will be able to respond. Give an accurate description of the  individual or group involved,and the crime you believe to have been commited. Make note of the time and exact location. Vehicle registration numbers are a big help and can be used to trace the culprits. Don't challenge them yourself let the authorities deal with the offence. You can ask for a reference number and ask them to keep you updated on the outcome.

Angling clubs

 If you run an angling club in your area consider having regular patrols on your fishery some clubs such as Kings Lynn Angling Club have already set up patrols and are having a great success.

Here is the contact phone number for the environment agency - 0800-80-70-60.

Lincolnshire Police wildlife crime officer - 0300-111-0300   Cambridge Police wildlife crime officer - 


 You can also dial 101 this will connect you to the nearest police force where you are.

Go to uk reports page for latest press releases and other info.

If you and your community, where ever you live are affected by wildlife abuse then why not start your own wildlife watch scheme.






















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