Safeguarding the future of our wildife


 The Partnership for action against wildlife crime UK aims to reduce wildlife crime through effective and targeted enforcement, better regulation and awareness.PAW UK brings together the organisations involving wildlife and law enforcement to make sure thier specialist skills and knowledge are pooled.

Wildlife crime can have devasting impact. The international illegal trade can push endangered plants and animals to closer extinction.Illegally takeing protected plants and animals from the wild in the UK can effect their numbers and effect the longer  term survival of the speciesand some crimes such as Badger - Baiting, the illegal use of poisons and traps, and poaching can cause animals unnecessary pain and suffering.

Wild animals and plants are also put at risk if the habitat are disturbed or destoyed.For example it is an offence to disturb bat roosts; to destoy or damage the special features which lead to an area being designated as a site of special scientific interest or illegaly block up entrances to badger setts.

Wildlife crime can also be linked to other serious wildlife crimes. Some wildlife crime offenders have been linked to drug dealing,money laundering and fire arms offences.


Our mission statement is working in partnership to reduce wildlife crime through effective and targeted enforcement, better regulation and improved awareness.

PAW'S overarching objectives are:

. to facillitate effective enforcement to ensure wildlife crime is tackled professionally.

.to influence the improvement of wildlife legislation.

.to raise awareness of wildlife legislation and the implecations of wildlife crime.

All members of PAW UK help tackle wildlife crime by taking action in support of these objectives.

You can help by joing an organisation that is already a member of PAW UK.or you own organisation can apply to join PAW UK.

   for more details.go to defra website. www.defra.gov.uk





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