Safeguarding the future of our wildife

                Legal and illegal use of pesticides

         The countryside, enjoyed by so many people and their pets, is also home to wildlife and farmed livestock.

  Some animals, large or small can cause problems for countryside busiinesses and the environment. Where pests need to be controlled a wide range of pesticides, trapping and shooting may be used. Pesticides help farmers, landowners and gamekeepers manage the challenges of pests including rats,mice, insects weeds and diseases. However these products must be used responsibly.


 WIIS monitors suspected poisoning incidents involving wildlife, pets, livestock and honeybees wether pesticides have been used correctly or not. In England around 250 potential incidents are reported each year and about half warrant detailed enquiry. A third of the cases involved accidental or illegal pesticide use, such as a careless slug pellet application or poisoning of pets and predators. Sometimes birds of prey are harmed by eating poisoned rodents. Such poisonings can be avoided,by storing, handling and using pesticides correctly.

 Pesticides play an important part in the countryside by :

 . protecting crops from weeds,pests and disease.

 . prevent spoilage of stored produce

 . controlling rodents to stop the spread of livestock disease.


 . Dead animals staked out that may be laced with poison.

 . Several dead birds or other animals found close together.

 . Animals that have died without obvious reason, or lying beside something they may have eaten.

 . Pet dogs becoming ill after a walk in the countryside.

 . Spilled slug pellets or uncovered rodenticides.


 . Do not touch suspect bait or dead animals, warn others to keep away.

 . Cover the evidence if possible, but don't disturb it.

 . Note the location and phone the   WIIS HOTLINE - 0800 321600

 . Always seek immediate veternary advice if a pet or any other animal has been in contact with poison.

      FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING PESTICIDES AND WILDLIFE -                                                WWW.CAIP-UK.INFO


                            Deliberate poisoning of birds of prey

 In some parts of the uk birds of prey are being deliberatlely poisoned by land owners and gamekeepers and many are  taken to court and recieve hefty fines and have their licenses revoked. Golden Eagles, Periquin Falcons, Goshawks and Harriers and others have all be targeted at sometime. The method that is favoured by many is to lace a dead Rabbit, Hare or other rodent with a poison called Carbofuron. This is product is one of the most deadly pesticides on sale today. The bird being a natural carrion feeder will feed on the dead carcas and subsequently die from the effects of the poison inside. 



               Poisoned Golden Eagle     and     Poisoned Periquin Falcon




 Carbofuron is sold under the trade name Furadan. This pesticide is very powerfull sold in granular form. Carbofuran resembles seed grains, one grain is enough to kill a small bird. One quarter of a teaspoon full will kill a human. Carbofuron has been banned in the uk since 2001. Carbofuron attacks the nervous system,causes paralysis and seizures.



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