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        Fears for eco-system as crooks hook Pike

   Three large Pike were discovered dead and crudley tethered together under a footbridge on a Fen drain recently. A member of the Pike Anglers Club made the grim discovery and reported it to  the environment agency which is currently investigating. It's a real shame he said and i have the feeling that quite a few pike are being spirited away from local waters. It is believed an illegelly set line was used to catch the fish, one of which was especially large at 18lbs. P.A.C regional organiser told the standard illegally-set lines are evil things.The hooks stick in the fish's stomach and cause a slow lingering death. Those responsible then use a stringer which is a cord put through the gills and the mouth to tether them and keep them alive for later collection. PAC spokesman said set lines have become an increasing problem in recent seasons with fish stocks being depleted all over the Fens-area which is one of the best known areas in the country for Pike. Removing the apex predator from the waterways is a bad idea, without pike there would be an explosion of smaller fish ruining the whole balance of the eco system. A spokesman for the EA said this is a highly illegal a cruel activity and taking fish without permission is an offence carrying a maximum penalty for fisheries bylaw offences at £50,000. 

 Boston  Standard  2011                                              



 Clubs fight poachers

 Anglers visiting the popular middle level drain are being asked to be vigilant after several reports of illegal nets being found at the venue. The east anglian water is home to huge shoals of roach, bream and tench but it has come under attack from poachers who are useing unlawfull means to pillage the stocks. In a bid to fight back against the escalating problem, local clubs have teamed up and are calling on all anglers to record any suspicious behaviour and report it to the Police and the environment agency.

  Angling Times Sept 13th 2011

 Pike punched to death

 The angling world has been left horrified this week after a fisherman witnessed a pike being punched to death on the banks of his local river. The shocking incident took place on the Kentish Stour and was seen by an angler who admits being filled with rage and anger after he saw two eastern europeans carry out the attack. According to the witness who wishes to remain anonymous one held the pike estimated to have weighed around 10lb -on the floor in a landing net while the captor then attacked the fish punching it five times aroung the head and gills. The angler reported the incident to the EA hot line immediatly, when he retuned the offenders had fled. It was two days before the EA returned his call. Poaching is rife around here, but iv'e never seen anthing as shocking as this the witness said. I know they were eastern europeans because i heard the talking. I felt like running them over and doing exactly the same to them. People like me have cared for the fish and the enviroment since i was a child only to see people like these try to destroy it all. I have found set lines and illegal traps  but where are the authorities? I was discusted that it took the EA two days to return my call  This proves the EA is failing anglers and offering no protection for the fish it is duty bound to look after.

The EA is currently working with the angling trust on a scheme called building bridges designed to improve understanding in eastern european communities.

 Angling Times Sept 13th 2011

 £500 bid to catch hog killer

 A £500 reward has been put up to try to catch the sick killer who slaughtered six hedge hogs with a crossbow.The thug even arranged the mutilated bodies in a line by the side of the road after shooting them in Cambridge. A animal lover from nearby Histon has offered a £300 reward and the Taversham parish council has put £200. A resident said who ever did this must be stopped before they do it again.

      ( Recent reports show that Hedge Hogs are in serious decline in the UK)

 The Star 2011

 Swans killed and fish vanish 

 For the first time there is irrefutable evidence that swans and vast quantities of fish are being killed by groups who have set up camp along the River Nene in Peterborough and are living of the land. Living in crude shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting, scores of  have taken up residence all along the Nene. Using crude snares and nets, the inhabitants are preying on fish and birds..


    Advisory signs and warning signs had been put up along the Nene but had repeatedly been torn down and are continually being replaced by the Peterborough angling club.

  Dail Mail - March 2010.


  You can download this sign for your fishery  go to http://www.anglingtrust.net/

   Poachers accused

 Poachers have been accused of slaughtering 14 swans and cooking them on campfires at a popular beauty spot. Headless swan carcasses stripped clean of meat were left lying in a row at Block Fen Lakes, in Mepal, Cambs. Electrician Martin Audoire, 48, found the trail of devastation while walking round the lakes on Monday. He also spotted the remains of three campfires - where the birds were possibly cooked - and reported his findings and suspicions to police and the RSPB. But an initial investigation by the RSPB said that all 14 birds hit electric overhead power lines before their remains were eaten by wild animals. Martin believes the lakes have been targeted in recent months by groups stealing fish and birds to eat. He said: "Their bones had been picked completely clean. I immediately thought it was the immigrants because they've been up here stealing fish before. There are too many swans in one place for them to have hit power cables. I could understand one hitting the cables, but 14? The skeletons are left behind but no skulls or feet - it's as if they had been filleted. The carcasses are surrounded by the remains of about three camp fires which is suspicious. I think someone killed them and cooked them in a stew or over a fire." The dead birds were spotted at around 10am on Monday on the banks of the Block Fen boating lake. Martin reported his grisly discovery to the Environment Agency which contacted Cambridgeshire Constabulary and the RSPB.

 The Sun 4th Febuary 2011

 Chub poachers fined

 Three anglers from Hereford were fined a total of £100 each plus court costs of £127.00 for the breach of fish removal byelaws. The anglers  were caught with 10 chub in a plastic carrier bag. The other offences were fishing out of season, and using illegal lead weights. Angling trust spokesman Mark lloyd has said these fines are totally inadequate as a punishment for this type of crime.

 Anglers Mail - October 2011


Birds of prey found poisoned and shot in Lincolnshire

 Police are investigating a spate of poisonings and shootings against birds of prey. Two   Buzzards were found dead in Gainsborough from suspected poisoning while one was left hanging on a fence in Grantham.



  the carcass of another was found in the boston area and sent for tests. A Perequin falcon was found dead suspected of being poisoned. The birds are targeted by using bait such as dead pigeons or pheasants which contain powerfull insectisides. When the birds eat the bait they also die from the effect of the poison.

 Lincolnshire Echo - October 2011

 (Last year the RSB delt with 148 cases of poisoning and shooting of birds of prey through out the UK. In Scotland alone 4 Golden Eagles,13 Common Buzzards, 7 red Kites,2 Perequin Falcons and a white tailed Eagle were all victims of poisoning or shooting. The penalty for raptor persecution is 6months in prison or a £5000.00 fine.

 An angler in Boston has been fined £170.00 for fishing illegally and giving false indentification details to an environment agency water bailiff. The angler who was of a foreign nationality was found guilty of fishing without a license and providing false details. As well as a fine he was ordered to pay £315.00 costs and a £15.00 victims surchThe incident took place on Febuary 10th 2011 on  the West Fen Drain. The anglers friend was also fined  £100 and £80.00 costs for the same offence.

 Boston target November 2011


  Vicious Swan meat killers

 Horrified park rangers found six swans decapitated and butchered for their breast meat.Police believe the birds were killed for food after locals also reported people barbecueing carp from the park lake. Patrols are being stepped up to protect the remaining swans at Alvaston Park in Derby.Swans are  protected by law and anyone harming one faces 6 months in prison or a fine up to £5000.00 . Eastern european migrants have previously been accused of illegally eating wildlife.

 The Star  Febuary 24th 2012

 Gang bludgeon Swan with nail embedded stick

 Police have launched an investigation after a Swan was clubbed to death with a stick covered with nails and thrown into the back of a van. The RSPCA said this is the third attack on Swans in the last 6 months, and it is feared they were taken for food. The attack was reported by an eyewitness he claims he saw a gang of 5 men lure the Swan away from the water with bread and then beat it unconscious. It happened on Tuesday March 13th at 7pm in the stretch of waterway near Burger King and the post office depot in Lincoln. An RSCPA spokes person we've heard of other attacks near Brayford pool. The police are now trying to trace the black van the first 4 digits of the registration number are FS06. Call Lincolnshire police on 101 if you have any information.

 Linconshire Echo March 15th-21st. 2012.

 Hare coursers banned from roads for 30 days

 Two men who travelled all the way from Worcestershire to Boston to take part in illegal hare coursing have been banned from driving for 30 days in a bid to stop them entering the area. The two men were caught in fields off East Fen Lane Stickney on November 27th 2012. The two ran away an drove off but were stopped further down the lane by the police who found four Lurcher dogs in the car. Both men admitted poaching illegally at Boston magistrates court and were banned from driving for 30 days, fined £400.00 for the offence. They also will have to pay £80.00 costs and a £15.00 surcharge.

 Boston Target March 2012

 21 arrested for Hare coursing.

 Police are taking 21 men to court for alledged hare coursing only a month after launching a county wide crack down. Five vehicles have been impounded and 5 dogs have been confiscated by the police using animal welfare legislation. News of the success so far has been greeted with relief by farmers who have endured years of crop damage from gangs trespassing with vehicles on their land. Offenders are travelling to lincolnshire from as far away as the west midlands and north wales, but police say operation galileo is now deterring some from trespassing on the county's farms. A spokesman said those who are still taking risks appear to be settling bets outside the county rather than risk having large sums of money siezed from them by the police.

 Spalding Guardian 25th october 2012.

 Swan Horror

 The heads and feet of two swans have been found near a river sparking fears they were killed forsomeone's christmas dinner. The protected birds were left on the west common in Lincoln close to the river Witham. A RSPCA spokes person said its horrendous. We believe that the swans are being killed so they can be eaten.

 Daily Star   28th December 2012.












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